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Past Events

Display and Lecture of Fine Tanto

presented by

The American Branch of the NBTHK

at the San Francisco Token Kai 2015

This year the American Branch of the NBTHK assembled a stunning display of some of the finest examples of Tanto seen outside Japan, representing all five Gokaden (traditions) of sword craft spanning from the 13th to the 16th century. This was a magnificent opportunity to study textbook examples of excellent works by luminary makers, a few of which were dated examples, adding yet another dimension to scholarship and study.

Moreover, these blades could be studied in hand to fully appreciate the full spectrum of what true art swords have to offer, as it can only be done this way. While images and oshigata are helpful, there is no substitute for authentic study, which can only be enabled by examining top examples in hand with proper lighting and the guidance of a knowledgeable mentor.

The examples on display were:

  1. Awataguchi Kuniyoshi, signed
  2. Awataguchi Yoshimitsu, signed
  3. Yamato Hosho, unsigned
  4. Rai Kunitoshi, signed and dated
  5. Samonji, unsigned
  6. Sa Yukihiro, unsigned
  7. Etchu Norishige, signed, dated
  8. Osafune Kanemitsu, signed, dated
  9. Tegai Kanekiyo, signed
  10. Osafune Yasumitsu, unsigned
  11. Kaga Kiyomitsu, signed, with koshirae
  12. Kanemoto, signed

Additional Photos of this Event

Video of Some of the Proceedings

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