NBTHK America

Michael Hagenbusch

June 28th, 1942 - January 2nd, 2016

Mr. Michael Hagenbusch, president of the NBTHK European Branch, passed away. He was president since 1994 when Mr. Jesper Baron von Sass resigned.

Michael was a collector of Japanese swords for about 50 years. He underwent long time studies which included extended presence at the NBTHK Sword Museum in Tokyo with teachers Mr. Ogawa, and later with Mr. Tanobe. Several times he was allowed to study swords in the basement of the National Museum Ueno under the guidance of Mr. Kashima, and Mr. Ogasawara. He was a major contributor for the two exhibitions in the Klingen Museum Solingen in 1984, and in 2002, showing swords from different European collections including a collection of Yagyu Tsuba. During his life as a collector of Japanese swords, he generously passed on his knowledge to anyone who showed interest in the art form. His ultimate goal was to provide an opportunity for the collector to recognize, enjoy, and learn about the outstanding art that can be found in the steel and shape of a Japanese Art Sword, or “Bijutsu Token”.

Michael was very free with his knowledge in giving lectures for The NBTHK American Branch. His depth of knowledge in discussing swords we had put on display was fantastic. He was a good and respected friend and will be greatly missed by all.

Obituary courtesy of friends Hans Eschbaum, and Bill Miller.

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