NBTHK America

Dean Hartley

The American Branch of saddened to announce the passing of our oldest member Col. Dean Hartley. He was the oldest NBTHK member from outside Japan. Col. Hartley died at age 89 in 2010. He was born Taisho 9 August 3. He was a highly decorated Military pilot. His early contacts with Drs. Junji Homma and Sato Kanzan influenced his actions to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese Art & Culture, especially the art of the Japanese Sword.

Col. Hartley was well liked in all Japanese Sword groups around the world. He was the Past President of the JSSUS and NTK (Southern California Sword Club). He was the principle speaker for the first major Exhibition of Japanese Arms and Armor presented by the NTK in Los Angeles in 1964. His knowledge and influence will be greatly missed.

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