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The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) is the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords. The NBTHK was established in Japan shortly after WWII and has existed since then with the approval of the Japanese government. Its purposes include preserving Japanese Art Swords, researching and classifying Japanese Art Swords and related items and educating students and admirers of Japanese swords and sword fittings. After many years of hard work by a small group of Americans with the support and assistance of the governing body of the NBTHK in Japan, the American Branch of the NBTHK was established in February of 2003.

The American Branch is one of only two Branches that have been organized by authority of the NBTHK outside Japan, the other being the European Branch.

The benefits of the American Branch membership are identical to the benefits received through the Main Branch in Tokyo including monthly issues of the Token Bijutsu (The Journal of Japanese Art Swords). And in addition, American Branch members receive English translations of the Token Bijutsu each month, translated articles and related materials on Kodogu twice yearly, discounts on Branch publications and semi-annual news letters pertaining to Branch activities. To read a few sample articles provided by the NBTHK-AB to branch members, click here.

NBTHK-AB members are also entitled to admission to the sword and Kodogu lectures and Kantei (sword judging) sessions conducted at the Tampa, Florida, Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco Sword Shows. For information about upcoming token kai where the NBTHK will be presenting lectures and displays, please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the American Branch of the NBTHK, you are cordially invited to apply for membership. A membership form can be obtained by clicking on this link.


Paul L. Davidson, President
American Branch of the NBTHK


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