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"Tosogu Classroom"

By Fukushi Shigeo

Translated by Markus Sesko

The American Branch is pleased to announce that in cooperation with the European Branch of the NBTHK and the Japanese Sword Society of the United States that the translation of Mr. Fukushi Shigeo's monthly articles that appeared in the Token Bijutsu over a period of eighteen years have been partially translated and will be sold to members in five volumes entitled "Tosogu Classroom".

The first volume is now available for sale. It is hardbound, 8.5" x 11", will contain more than 500 pages of text with hundreds of black and white pictures and will include an introduction to fittings, materials, design, surface treatment, carving, inlay, coloring, early tsuba (both iron and kinko) and the beginning discussion of artists and schools who worked in iron, going into great detail on the artists and the work they produced. Volume 2, 3 and 4 will also contain more than 500 pages each with Volume 2 continuing the discussion of iron and Volumes 3 and 4 covering kinko. The 5th Volume will be approximately 350 pages with illustrations in color.

These volumes are being sold to members at the actual cost of producing the books with the translation being paid by the AB/NBTHK, EB/NBTHK and JSS/US as a benefit to their members. Considering the number of pages and pictures each volume will contain, the discounted price is extremely reasonable and either individual volumes or the complete set of five will be a vailable addition to your library.

As mentioned, the first volume of the five volume set is available now. The second volume should be available for sale at the beginning of next year and the remaining three volumes at the end of next year (2017). The cost of each of the first four volumes is $40.00 and the fifth color volume is $80.00 for a total of $240.00. The volumes can be purchased individually, or as a complete set. Shipping cost for each volume within the United States is $4.00. Volumes purchased are limited to one complete set (all 5 volumes) per member. Volumes will be made available for sale to non-members in March 2017 at the retail price, i.e. $60.00 for each of the first four volumes and $120.00 for the fifth color volume.

To place your order, please get in touch with Markus Sesko at markus.sesko@gmail.com and mention your preferred method of payment (PayPal, check, wire or credit card is possible with a 5% processing fee for credit card purchases).The time for processing each order is expected to take one day after it is placed.

If you have any questions about placing the order, the cost, method of payment or content of each volume, you should email Markus Sesko at markus.sesko@gmail.com.

The NBTHK is moving its offices and museum

The NBTHK will move from its current site in Yoyogi to a new site in the former Ryogoku town hall campus in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, in September 2017. Consequently, the location for the NBTHK events will change. Information about this move and the new location for NBTHK events and their timing is discussed here:

  1. NBTHK Exhibition Schedule
  2. All NBTHK exhibitions at Yoyogi will cease on March 31st, 2017. In the fall of 2017, the NBTHK is planning to have an exhibition in the new Ryogoku building.

  3. NBTHK Shinsa Schedule
  4. In 2017, NBTHK shinsa events for swords will be in March, and touso and tousogu shinsa will be in April in the current Yoyogi location. After this date, there will be a temporary break in the shinsa schedule.

    In October, 2017, applications for items for touso and tousogu shinsa will be accepted again. The acceptance dates will be from Monday, October 2nd to Wednesday, October 4th, over a three day period.

    In 2017, the Juyo Token shinsa acceptance dates will be during the second week of October, from Tuesday, October 10th, through Thursday, October 12th.

    In 2017 in November, the token shinsa acceptance dates will start on Monday November 6th, to Wednesday, November 8th, over a three day period, and the number of items accepted for this shinsa will probably be limited.

    The actual number of items to be accepted will be announced soon.

  5. Teirei Kansho Kai, Kansho peotocols, lectures, NBTHK loan of swords.
  6. These events will continue through June 2017, stop in June 2017, and then resume again in November 2017.

  7. The 2017 Shinsaku Meito Ten
  8. As usual, swords will be accepted in April, and prizes will be awarded. However, the associated exhibition will first be held outside of Tokyo. When the new NBTHK building and new museum are opened in the fall of 2017, there will be a shinsakuto exhibition along with polishing and gaiso (koshirae) skills awards.

  9. Token Polishing and Gaiso Gijutsu (skill) Contest
  10. We will accept items from Monday, October 2nd to Wednesday, October 4th, one month earlier than usual. These exhibitions will be held at the same time as the Shinsaku Meito Ten.

  11. Token Polishing and Gaisio Gijutsu Training Course
  12. This will start at the end of July and continue to early August which is earlier than usual.

  13. Toshoku Ginou (skill) Training Lecture
  14. This will be held on the usual dates.

  15. Sakuto Gijutsu (sword making) Training Course
  16. This will be held on the usual dates.

  17. Murage Yo-sei Ko-za (tatara methods training lecture)
  18. This will be held on the usual dates.

  19. Den-i Shingikai
  20. The shingikai on September 2017 will not be held.

  21. Token Bijutsu magazine (monthly journal) will be published
  22. This will be published as usual.

  23. The Data Room
  24. This will be available until March 2017, and will close in April. However the actual schedule might be changed because of the construction and moving schedules. Updates will be provided later.

Articles of Interest to NBTHK-AB Members

Some files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Gentle Advice Regarding Collecting Japanese Sword Care, Cleaning and Etiquette Kodogu of Interest Shinsa Fee List Shinsa Submission Procedures
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